Implementing REST Web services Part 1

Introduction I want my project to support numerous clients form factors. This is becoming even more important now the number of form factors has increased – what with servers, desktops, laptops, notebooks, net books, slates (of various sizes) and smart phones – that is before we get to OS such as Android, Windows Phone 7, […]

Using a Custom Membership Provider in an MVC Application

The MVC Template gives a lot of facilities out of the box, including user management – however the default model does not fit in with the requirements of the project – so it is time to develop a custom option.
I also want to concentrate on the function of the site, rather than the form – with this in mind it gives me an option to add to my skills and look at the MVC project.

Connecting a WCF Service to an Model View Controller Client

Adding a Service Reference to an MVC application may cause the following error;
The configuration for the service reference could not be added due to the following issue: An error occured creating the configuration handler for the system.serviceModel/behaviours: Extension element ‘enableWebScript’ cannot be added to this element. Verify that the extension is registered in the extension collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviourExtensions. Parameter Nme: element (C:\Users\…..\web.config line …….)

Getting the project underway

Well it is time to start creating the application. After the problems detailed in the last post we will not currently be using the Azure Tools. That said there are a few things we need to download. Visual Studio 2010 ( WCF RIA Services ( Install both of those. Start Visual Studio 2010 Select File, […]