Building a better mouse-trap – Improving the creation of XML Message Requests using Reflection, XML & XSLT

Introduction The way I previously created messages to send to the GovTalk service I used the XMLDocument to create the request. While this worked it left a number of problems; not least that for every message a special function would need to created. This is OK for the short term but the biggest cost in […]

Using a Custom Membership Provider in an MVC Application

The MVC Template gives a lot of facilities out of the box, including user management – however the default model does not fit in with the requirements of the project – so it is time to develop a custom option.
I also want to concentrate on the function of the site, rather than the form – with this in mind it gives me an option to add to my skills and look at the MVC project.

Connecting a WCF Service to an Model View Controller Client

Adding a Service Reference to an MVC application may cause the following error;
The configuration for the service reference could not be added due to the following issue: An error occured creating the configuration handler for the system.serviceModel/behaviours: Extension element ‘enableWebScript’ cannot be added to this element. Verify that the extension is registered in the extension collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviourExtensions. Parameter Nme: element (C:\Users\…..\web.config line …….)