Bad language which would make your Granny’s toes curl

I’ve just spent ages setting up the initial application, only to find I cannot link the database backend to the front – because Azure does not support .Net 4.0 yet.

Why use .Net 4.0, 3.5 does support ADO.Net Entity Data Model? Well I can create the Entity model, but I can’t create the associated Domain Service. This is the bit I want and will provide the Data Access/Business Rules layer.

The first time I knew there was an issue was when trying to link the Silverlight Client Application, to the WCF Ria Services backend. Visual Studio kept moaning that the backend was a higher Framework than the client. Huh? I created .Net 4 projects what is it talking about?

It seems that when you create an Azure project in .Net 4.0 the template aware Azure does not yet support that .Net version, changes it to .Net 3.5!

If you are using C# you can check the target framework from the properties of a project.

  • Right click on the Project within the Solution Explorer.
  • Select the Properties option in the popup menu.
  • Select the ‘Application’ Tab from the left

After a lot of google (try as I might I still find better results with Google than Bing – so at the moment Google is my search engine of choice but I kind of prefer the display of Bing) and even more cursing –  I eventually found this – – which would indicate it is coming, but only when VS2010 goes from Beta to Live – this should be April this year according to

As it is possible to use convert standard applications to Azure – that is what I am going to do. Develop an application as a standard Web Application – and then convert for running under Azure when .Net 4.0 support is available.


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